Flood, Fire, Sewer back-up emergency response

This is all dependent on the severity of the damage and the complexity of the situation. If there is extensive damage and the property is deemed unsafe, it will not be possible to occupy the structure. However, in cases where the building passes safety inspections, you will be permitted to stay, and if you are a business our team of experts will accommodate to your business hours.

It’s important to address the damage as soon as possible since water can cause mould and irremediable damage to the structure of your property. If your property experienced structural damage, do not enter. If it is safe to do so, shut off the property’s utilities to avoid any further damage. Until you ensure the electricity has been shut off, do not walk through floodwater.

The time to remove mold is relative to the amount of mold and where it is growing. Mold remediation can vary anywhere between 4 hours to 5 days, and sometimes even longer.

Every restoration project is unique with varying scopes of complexity. After inspection, our project manager will walk you through the process and provide you with an estimate of how long the project may take.

This is all depending on the severity and type of property loss. But if it is determined that your belongings must be relocated during the restoration process, we provide a content cleaning and content storage service at our secure facility to keep your belongings safe and organized.