Having to go through a property loss due to a fire can be devastating, both physically and emotionally. We begin by approaching the situation with care and compassion. Our team is very experienced at providing homeowners with guidance and planning for the steps ahead.

It is important to analyze the site in-depth to determine the structural integrity of the building and the presence of any dangerous toxins that may have been released as a result of the fire such as asbestos, and other toxic items.

If the building is salvageable, the property will be treated professionally to remove smoke odours and residual carcinogens. If not done correctly, this can cause a wide array of adverse health effects. We are confident that when we are finished restoring your property, it will be safe for you and your family to occupy.

Our Fire Restoration Services include:


  • Fire & Smoke Damage Assessment and Quote
  • Identification, Treatment and Removal of Harmful Substances
  • Immediate Board-Up/Roof-Tarp/Shoring Service to Secure and Protect the Structure
  • Repair of Structurally Compromised Components Regardless of Complexity
  • Treatment of all affected porous building materials with appropriate sealant to prevent lingering odour
  • Insurance Claim Guidance and Assistance