Our team is well–versed in all aspects of construction, regardless of the complexity of the scope or the sensitivity of the facility. With our extensive background in reconstruction, we are able to efficiently restore the property with a quick turnaround compared to industry standards. If you are a business, we aim to minimize your downtime by planning our reconstruction schedule around your operations.

In addition to our 25 years in the restoration industry, we have 11 years of dedicated experience in rebuilding small to very large complex jobs. Many restoration companies in Alberta have reached out to us over the years to perform the rebuild scope of their jobs because of our capabilities and expertise. Our in-house carpenters and construction managers separate us from other restoration companies and give us the ability to finish projects not only faster but at a higher level of quality and satisfaction.

Our Rebuild Services Include:


  • Rebuild & Restoration Assessment and Quotes
  • Reducing construction costs by working closely with structural engineers to structurally support the building in the most cost-effective way
  • Greatly reduce turnaround time by having a strong in house rebuild team of experts
  • Provide an online platform that can be accessed from your cell phone to track the progress of the rebuild streamlining communication
  • All scopes of the rebuild covered from major structural items to the final coat of paint
  • Acquiring all the appropriate permits and inspections for construction
  • Constant project management by our skilled staff to ensure no construction hiccups that will cause unnecessary cost and timeline delays
  • Insurance claim assistance and guidance at no additional cost