Unexpected water and flood damage causes stress & chaos, whether you are a business or homeowner. That’s why our trained technicians are prepared to respond to emergencies & mitigate any further damage to your property.

Upon arrival, our team immediately begins to document the damages, followed by extraction, drying, and deconstruction services. We aim to act fast because significant damage can be mitigated to the property if the moisture is detected and removed as quickly as possible.

To respond as soon as disaster strikes, we offer our services 24/7 365 days a year. We use a variety of methods, such as moisture meters and thermal cameras to quickly map out where the water has travelled to. If the moisture is left untreated, the cost and damage involved will begin to grow exponentially.

Our Water and Flood Damage Restoration Services include:


  • Water and Flood Damage Assessment and Quote
  • Emergency Water Extraction
  • Drying & Dehumidification Services
  • Removal and disposal of water-damaged materials
  • Thorough remediation of the affected area
  • Deployment of adequate commercial-sized dehumidifiers to remove any remaining moisture from the indoor air.
  • Disinfection of dried areas to ensure no potential mold growth
  • Carpet Cleaning, Deodorization & Spot Removal
  • Insurance Claim Assistance

Need Emergency Flood Services?

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What is Flood Damage?

Flood damage is defined as any amount of harm that occur from flooding, i.e., being submerged in liquid. Flood damage can range from natural, catastrophic events such as mudslides, hurricanes, or having lakes and rivers overflow all the way to more mundane floods such as septic system backup, broken pipes, or an overflowing dishwasher. In short, flood damage is harm that occurs from water – no matter how it gets there. Flood damage often leads to major necessary repairs that only experts in water damage restoration can remedy. If you’re facing flood damage, count on us to be your Edmonton water damage restoration experts!

Who Should You Call When You Find Flood Damage?

When you’re facing flood damage it’s important to know your home insurance policy. Sometimes it can be your responsibility to repair broken items that caused the flood. If you see an immediate risk you can call a plumber, or you can call your insurance provider first to understand the full responsibility of repairing the damage.

The best option for your first call, though, is First General Edmonton. Our team can help you repair the cause of damage, understand your insurance policy and work closely with your insurance provider, plus we will provide all the necessary repairs and restoration that occurs from the water damage. We are property restoration specialists, which means we can help you with every part of your flood damage and ensure you have the best solution to a stressful situation.

Need Emergency Flood Services?

Call Us: (780) 463-4040